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Video of this kit installed on a Land Cruiser 105 here


"Land Cruiser 100 Series Tuff Trek Mk3 Tent installation using Tough Touring Fitting Kit"


This Listing is for a GUTTER type Fitting kit - Outfolded through 100 degrees to allow mounting of a Tuff Trek Mk3 Roof top tent without any Platform or cross rails... 


The Kit allows Access to all tent mounting bolts from beside the vehicle, facilitating easy removal of tent if desired once installed.


Height of the completed installation varies from vehicle to vehicle, but ithe Tent itself will typically sit  between 15  and 30mm off the vehicles roof skin


The Roof rails themselves vary in weight due to size differences from vehicle to vehicle, but typically will be between 18 and 32 Kgs including  rack feet and  all mounting hardware. 

The Kit allows for the  lightest / Lowest and Strongest possible fitting of this Tent to 'Wagon; Type Gutter mount / supported vehicles listed here:


* Toyota 79 series

*Toyota 76 Series

* GU and GQ Patrol

* Discovery 1 and 2

*Toyota Troopcarrier

*Toyota 80 Series

*Land Rover Defender 110

Please note that these fitting kits are Shipped inside the tent, and are only available via Tuff Trek Australia at time of tent purchase.  For existing Vehicle Roof rack removal, upgrade - Tough Touring Australia manufactures these components and can be contacted directly for supply... 

These 'Tent to Vehicle' Kits are Manufactured Specifically to suit the Tuff Trek Mk 3 and are UNSUITABLE for installation of other types of tents, 

Tent to Gutter Type Wagon Fitting Kit

  • The Roof Rails and Feet are Manufactured in Australia using 3mm Mild Steel, they are folded and then sandblasted and Powdercoated in Black Textura (Dulux). 

    Included in the Kit are:

    2 x 1 Peice Roof rails

    6 / 8 Oversized Rack feet 

    12 x 5mm Grip Nutserts (For insertion into the tent base)

    Pack of PLA (Plastic) Rack feet insulation Spacers

    2 x Tough Touring Logos

    Assorted High Tensile Mounting Hardware


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